iMotion HD

iMotion HD is a Universal app which was just released a few days ago allows you to create movies using stop-motion technique.

Book Club Mobile for iPhone and Book Club Leader for iPad

Book Club Mobile is an excellent iPhone app that will help you maximize your book club meetings by suggesting questions and topics which are based on characters in the book, themes, plots, cultural/historical settings and how these different dynamics of the books relate to your personal experience in life

Decks for Apps (iPad)

Decks for Apps is an iPad app made beautifully by the guys at Cooliris with a single purpose of allowing its users a simple and easy access to the top apps on the App Store.

Angry Birds Rio - Upcoming Update Next Week

Great news to all Angry Birds fans out there. The Finnish publisher, Rovio, is planning to launch an update to the Angry Birds Rio next week.

Blurb Mobile for iPhone

Blurb Mobile is a very easy to use iPhone app that will help you create stories and share them with the ones you care most.

Video: Great Hair, Mustache Machine & Great Hat Review

From the maker of many apps (Brandon Abbott)comes three apps designed for hours of entertainment as well as hours of laughter. Make your grandma have a beard with a black mustache and a police hat and add a fishing hat to your dog all in the same group of apps.

Check out this video produced and written by Evan that includes hands-on clips of these great apps. If you are interested in buying the full or lite version of any of these apps,
click here.

Appenthusiast Weekly - The Good, The Okay and The Bad

This edition of Appenthusiast Weekly talks about the good, the okay and the bad apps. The good app is called "Doodle Grub HD", the okay app is called "Videobot" and the bad app is called "Animal Gadget".

Directed, written and filmed by Evan S.

Appenthusiast Weekly: Pocket Booth and Great Hair

From now on, we will have a weekly Appenthusiast show that will include reviews, apps and more. These are prerecorded and can be viewed on Youtube as well. This weeks video is below.

Make and watch stripe animations

Magic moving strokes by Crowd Cafè is a truly magical app. It was designed with great graphics, smooth transitions and an easy to use interface that makes the user happy. Unlike some other apps, this one has a great customer support team.

The idea for the app is to allow the user to view life like animations using a complex line system that can be created with a pen and paper. to buy the app, you receive a total of about 30 animated images separated into six categories. If you love the app as much as I do, you can purchase the additional pack for $0.99 and automatically get tons more.

Other than those cool and interesting features, the app is pretty simple. The last thong I would like to share with you about the app is the music. The music in the background is fun to listen to and I suggest you leave it on while you do work as "studying music".

So, overall this is a teat app complete with everything you could wish for. Although you are probably clenching your teeth with the thought of the price but no worries, this entire app is only $0.99. View and purchase this app on the app store here.

My Daily Journal Is The Best In Its Category

My Daily Journal for the iPad and iPhone is the best in it's category. It makes it quick and easy to type my daily journal. The built in calendar allows you to easily look at your previous journal pages and/or go to the future and type there. The best part of all this is that it is only $1.99 to buy the app with all of its features.

When you open the app for the first time, you can customize your journal. You can change the cover and paper type to fit your needs. Just like real paper, you can change the size, color and font of the text you are creating. In case your journal will contain anything personal, you can lock it with a simple tap.

If your journal is ready to be shared, you can access the share button with a tap. You can email your journal to anybody with a picture of the journal page and text. Thanks to the built in Face Book and Twitter integration, you can also tweet or post your journal page if it is within the given characters.

Overall, this is a great app for what it does and I would highly recommend any time. The downside with this app is that there is no way to get it to iTunes on your computer. Which is not a big deal until you are at a place without Wifi. You can buy My Daily Journal here.

Tell us how you like the app and if you would like to win a free copy in the comments.