iMotion HD

iMotion HD is a Universal app which was just released a few days ago allows you to create movies using stop-motion technique.

Book Club Mobile for iPhone and Book Club Leader for iPad

Book Club Mobile is an excellent iPhone app that will help you maximize your book club meetings by suggesting questions and topics which are based on characters in the book, themes, plots, cultural/historical settings and how these different dynamics of the books relate to your personal experience in life

Decks for Apps (iPad)

Decks for Apps is an iPad app made beautifully by the guys at Cooliris with a single purpose of allowing its users a simple and easy access to the top apps on the App Store.

Angry Birds Rio - Upcoming Update Next Week

Great news to all Angry Birds fans out there. The Finnish publisher, Rovio, is planning to launch an update to the Angry Birds Rio next week.

Blurb Mobile for iPhone

Blurb Mobile is a very easy to use iPhone app that will help you create stories and share them with the ones you care most.

RetroCalc For iPad - Win a Copy!

RetroCalc is an app that conveniently combines productivity and entertainment. And even though Apple chose to tag it under the "Utilities" section, I think it is more of an entertainment app.

Opening RetroCalc displays a help screen showing you how to change the background and calculator by simply swiping abve or below. After reading and closing that message, you recieve a calculator and a background. You can then change the background and calculator to fit your needs.

The calculators that come with this app are all as you might have guessed, old. Most likely due to copyright problems, most calculators have a slightly changed brand name. For example: Texas Instruments is Texas International but mean the same thing. However, the graphic designers must have had the real calculator close by because they are very similar.

Overall, I think RetroCalc is a great app and can be useful and at the same time, show off your iPad. And lastly, you, the reader have a chance to win one of three copies of this amazing app. All you have to do is leave a comment below and you will be entered to win. Winners will be selected on August 30th.

Appenthusiast Weekly - EA Games Sale & Sneak Peak Of New App

This edition of Appenthusiast Weekly, we will show you a hands on view of two apps currently on sale by EA Games. We will also show you a sneak peak of an awesome new app called "Sign In" for offices and companies. As always, Evan will be hosting this video with the help of iMovie.

Battle Through Virtual Worlds With DogFight

Fight your way through hundreds of levels on your airplane with the just updated, Dog Fight. Dog Fight comes with tons of exciting and action packed levels that start easy and end mind killing. Once you pick up this addictive game, you will never set it down.

The game itself is full of smooth, clean graphics that simulate a real plane ride. Sounds and music also help you along the way making it more real than ever. And once you finsih the easier levels through the hoops, you can then do shooting and target practice.

Not only is Dog Fight universal for all devices, it also has great reviews from iTunes and here on Appenthusiast. Overall, I enjoy the game and appreciate the helpful, patient developer on the other side. Please
check out this game on iTunes, download it and leave your review for us to see.

UPDATE: Thanks to the great developer, you have a chance to win a free copy of this game. Simply leave a comment below or retween this on Twitter. ontest ends 8/10/11