NEW Release: Decks for Apps (Quick Review)

Decks for Apps
iPad Only
Version: 1.0
Tested on: iPad 2 (iOS 4.3.2)
Decks for Apps - Cooliris, Inc

Decks for Apps is an iPad app made beautifully by the guys at Cooliris with a single purpose of allowing its users a simple and easy access to the top apps on the App Store. It is very simple indeed, yet very useful. The app is also beautifully designed, looks elegant, and is easy to use. 

The app has three different charts, i.e. Top 50 Free Apps, Top 50 Paid Apps and Top 50 Grossing Apps. Everyday the app will update itself with the latest information available on the App Store. So, you will always find new apps that allow you to maximize your experience using the iPad. 

To navigate, you can swipe to the left and right to see the previous or next app within the chart. You can also tap anywhere to flip the current view, so that it will show the detail description of the app and allow you to set it as one of your favorite apps. And if you're swiping up or down, you'll navigate yourself to the other Top 50 Apps Lists. 

Decks for Apps - Cooliris, IncThe above screenshots highlight some of the best apps found in the Top 50 Apps Lists that you should check out, e.g. the Angry Birds Rio HD (which will be updated next week), Crackle, and Qwiki. There are plenty of other apps to discover on daily basis, and you can share your discovery with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Try Decks for Apps today and never miss the great apps for your iPad again.

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