Make and watch stripe animations

Magic moving strokes by Crowd Cafè is a truly magical app. It was designed with great graphics, smooth transitions and an easy to use interface that makes the user happy. Unlike some other apps, this one has a great customer support team.

The idea for the app is to allow the user to view life like animations using a complex line system that can be created with a pen and paper. to buy the app, you receive a total of about 30 animated images separated into six categories. If you love the app as much as I do, you can purchase the additional pack for $0.99 and automatically get tons more.

Other than those cool and interesting features, the app is pretty simple. The last thong I would like to share with you about the app is the music. The music in the background is fun to listen to and I suggest you leave it on while you do work as "studying music".

So, overall this is a teat app complete with everything you could wish for. Although you are probably clenching your teeth with the thought of the price but no worries, this entire app is only $0.99. View and purchase this app on the app store here.

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