NEW Release: Jump Out! (Quick Review)

Jump Out!
iPhone/iPod Touch
Version: 1.0
Tested on: iPod Touch 4G (iOS 4.3.2)
Rating: 5 of 5
Jump Out! - Avallon Alliance Ltd.

Unlike most of my reviews previously, I'm not going to start with the description of the app. Due to my love for this game, I'm going to start by showing you how I highly think of this game. If you love the challenges of Cut the Rope (which I'm sure most of you are), you're going to love this game! I even believe that this game has a lot of great potentials for future gameplay and mechanics, and might even win one of the Best Game of the Year 2011 awards (if I may say). I would totally vote for it.

The game starts out with a story about bugs. Bugs which have had enough of being kept inside boxes. They want their freedom, and we're here to help them escape. The game has a few different bugs (and I believe, there will be more added in the future), and we start with the green charming beetle. The green charming beetle will be around with us for most (if not all) of the levels. The beetles can jump in a hyperbole curve (just like any other famous physics game, I hear you, Angry Birds fans), from one red gear to the next, in their attempts to get all the shiny yellow stars while they're trying to reach the exit.

Now, the bugs (and I do mean all types of bugs) in this game can't stand to be away from the red gears for too long. If you somehow fail to make the bugs jump from one read gear to the next (or back to the same gear), after a few seconds the bugs will eventually die. Of course there will be a lot of tricks that you can do, especially if you have more than one bugs, where bugs can help each other. But, remember that this is a touch based game, so don't even try to tilt your iPhone. That won't help. 

In order for you to complete the current level with flying colors, you need to save all the bugs (it's a no bugs left behind policy), and get all the stars while you're doing it. But, due to the challenges provided by each level, sometimes it's easier said than done. What I love about this game is how well the levels are designed. The challenge and difficulty level are designed to increase gradually, with introduction of new techniques that the player can explore on top of all the current techniques that he/she has been familiar with.

After playing the first half of the game, I just can't get enough of it. The first 30 levels were so challenging. The game starts to add various elements to the game, such as air fans which can blow air in certain direction to alter the course of the bug's jump, bumpers which makes you feel like you're in a pinball game, sugar bars which acts as a dynamic obstacles which can also help you in certain times. Not only that, you are also introduced to the cricket, the blue bug which is slightly bigger and faster than the green beetle. And, the multi-room is just amazing, it adds a new expansion to the game play which is no longer to be limited in one screen only, but you can travel and even play simultaneously in different screens. I believe this idea will be explored in further updates of this game.

Jump Out! - Avallon Alliance Ltd.This game is really really good, and I really hate to spoil your fun here. If I write any further, I would give out more and more spoilers. Now, I highly recommend you to get this game and play it now. I really have a feeling that this game would go far, maybe as far as winning a Game of the Year award or two. I'm gonna leave you with the video of the gameplay, but don't wait any longer. You won't regret it. Well, I have to get back to playing the second half of the game now. 

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