Upcoming Update: Angry Birds Rio (Next Week)

Great news to all Angry Birds fans out there. The Finnish publisher, Rovio, is planning to launch an update to the Angry Birds Rio next week. With Rio the movie is still playing in cinemas this weekend, there's no better time to launch the update. Rio the movie has made over than $80M in gross revenue at the box office, and Rovio has made over than 140M downloads on all Angry Birds series. I guess more success for the Finnish publisher in the coming weeks.

Angry Birds Rio - Rovio Mobile Ltd.
If you haven't get your copy of Angry Birds Rio, I highly recommend you to get it now. Their Facebook photo post asked whether you've found all the Golden Pineapples and Bananas or not. You don't want to miss more actions and secrets in the upcoming update, right? I will leave you with the quotation from their Facebook wall, and keep you posted on the update. I hope they'll bring this update across all platforms, including the iPad and Mac versions too.

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