App Reviews: Book Club Mobile for iPhone and Book Club Leader for iPad

Book Club Mobile for iPhone and Book Club Leader for iPad
$2.99 each
iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad
Version: 1.2
Tested on: iPod Touch 4G and iPad 2 (iOS 4.3.2)
Rating: 5 of 5

Reading books has always been a very inspiring experience that most book lovers can testify to. And, being in a book club can easily leverage that into something that's a whole lot better. But sometimes keeping book club meetings to be engaging and interesting may become a challenge in itself. Getting the right questions and topics to trigger discussions, and coming up with a list of candidates for the next session may become the key success factors for your book readers club.

Book Club Mobile - Move CreativeBook Club Mobile is an excellent iPhone app that will help you maximize your book club meetings by suggesting questions and topics which are based on characters in the book, themes, plots, cultural/historical settings and how these different dynamics of the books relate to your personal experience in life. The app contains these detailed guides on around 200 book titles which are carefully selected to resemble what most book clubs are discussing. New reading guides are added on a daily basis to keep your book clubs fresh and always filled with great options to choose from.

The app is an excellent place to start your book readers discussion. With this app, you can gain the confidence to step up and lead the next session in your book clubs. Book Club Mobile allows you to sort the guiding questions by the type of questions and mark the ones which have already been discussed. 

Book Club Mobile has a beautiful design, and if you have an iPad, you should check the Book Club Leader for iPad. The design is just awesome. While these apps are keeping you on top of things during book discussions, they have a lot of features that would help you find the next book to discuss easily and elegantly. These apps have a strong integration with GoodReads API to get the readers ratings and use them to provide more information to their users. 

Both apps also have a section where you can easily find out more information about which books made the bestseller lists. You can use these lists to find inspiring books or even order the books directly from Amazon. I believe within the near future, we can easily purchase the book from the iBookstore too.

You also need to check out tips section where you can find various tips, ranging from dessert recipe, short articles, movie recommendations and more book recommendation. This brings the book club experience to a higher level than just book discussion. I think these tips will help you to keep your book club engaging.

Book Club Leader - Move CreativeOverall, I think this is a one-of-a-kind app that is thoughtfully designed. Not just being aesthetically pleasing, but every features are designed from the book lover perspectives and focused to help book club discussions to be engaging and interesting. I have a strong belief that with more people start using these apps and provide feedback to the developer team, they'll see these apps grow fast and become the essential kit for every book club in the world.

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