Welcome to Evan, our new writer!

Hello, my name is Evan and I am a new writer for appenthusiast. I just wanted to let you know a little about me and what I mostly will be writing about. To start, I love computers (I now have an iPad 2) and love to share the great apps with others. I am one of those people that checks the AppStore for new apps every hour so I will often have new apps and write review posts that you can use to decide whether you should get them or not.

I also regularly check Apple.com and other sites so I might share some new Apple news. I know this site focuses on apps, but if you are into apps then you probably also care about the new technology advances and what Apple is up to.

I will almost always have free copies (promo codes) to give away with my reviews. I will choose (not randomly) the winners based on who took the time to type something small up in the comments. So, please don’t say “Give me a copy”, take your time and come up with something creative and/or unique. Now, I will write about an article a day but, as I get more experienced I plan on doing maybe two or even three a day.

Another thing is that I appreciate when someone takes the time to email me with suggestions and/or comments about my posts. Although, please don’t sign me up for a spam email every day. So, thanks for reading this little post about me and please stick around for my reviews. My first review will cover (ha ha!) the app called “iCover Pro”.

(nipper4kids at gmail dot com)

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