Tactical Police Table, An App To Add To Your Shelf

Tactical Police Table is a cool and useful app designed for police, service training and for users like me to have some fun. It is polished with high quality graphics from start to finish and has every little detail to make it fit your needs.

When you open the app, you see the user feedback buttons, a police graphic and a place where you can insert your own image. Then, you can start a new table with sand, grass, concrete, a map or your own photo. You can then easily edit the wind direction, speed and weather with just one tap. Using the objects panel, you can add officers, chiefs, commanders, inspectors, alpha teams, SWAT teams, k9s, missing people, vehicles, copters, objects (grass, wood), fire, smoke, cones and EVERYTHING else you could think of to use in this scene.

In the objects panel, you can also delete, move and draw on pre-created objects. In the manipulation panel, you can clear, undo, redo and flatten the table. After you are done making and editing your table, you can email it to anybody. As if the app was not already packed with great content, you can also adjust and edit all the settings with a tap of your finger.

This amazing, fun and creative app is on the app store for all devices here.Check it out and possibly buy it for the cheap price of $2.99. If you enjoy the app, go back to the app store and find Michael's other apps for even lower and more affordable prices.

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