NEW Video: Angry Birds Seasons: Easter Update

The highly anticipated Angry Birds Seasons with Easter update is just around the corner. With 15 new levels and 3 additional levels to be played on Facebook, everyone can't seem to get enough of the Angry Birds.

Previous updates of the Angry Birds Seasons include for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. Get it now, and play all the other seasons too to get you warmed up. It's really worth the 99 cent. And if you have an iPad, it's definitely a beautiful game for just $1.99.

Angry Birds Seasons HD - Rovio Mobile Ltd.Check out this new trailer which has been going viral on YouTube for the upcoming Easter updates.   

Play the Angry Birds (or its HD version for iPad) and the recently released Angry Birds Rio (or its HD version) too, they're so much fun!

UPDATE: The update is now available. If you didn't own one, I highly recommend you to get one. 

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