NEW Release: Threadless for iPhone (Quick Review)

iPhone/iPod Touch Only
Version: 0.9
Tested on: iPod Touch 4G (iOS 4.3.2)
Rating: 4 of 5
Threadless - SkinnyCorp, LLC

I've always been a fan of Threadless since years ago. Threadless is a great way to find great tees designs which are created by awesome individuals. Now, it's coming to the iPhone. All of a sudden, it's much easier to get involved again in the great Threadless community.

The iPhone app allows you to score designs very easily. This week, there's a design challenge for a Griffin iPhone case. You can give your score to the designs submitted, and your score will automatically submitted to the site. You can also tweet about it or post it on your Facebook wall for your friends to see. To allow you to score unlimited designs, you can choose to sign in with your existing Threadless account.

Now, what makes Threadless so good is the fact that it allows you to easily browse through a great collection of user submitted designs. This iPhone app is no different. You can swipe through them and purchase any one you like. 

To make things interesting, the Threadless app also has the Wacky Stuff section to entertain you. It has cool mini activities like Doodle Pad where you can doodle an iPhone case or a T-Shirt template, and a wacky camera mini-app which will allow you to take wacky photographs. 

Overall I consider this app to be a very good move by Threadless. Not only they can reach their users better, but they would bring a more active community. If you have only a minute or two to spare, now you can give your scores for a few Threadless designs. I think this is a truly innovative way of using an iPhone app to engage your community. I can't wait what they'll bring to maximize the iPad experience.

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