AppStore Deals - Apr 13, 2011

Here are today’s deals on the App Store apps that are FREE for a limited time, so get them now!

iPad Apps

  1. Soccer Stealers Reloaded HD (NEW Games): FREE
  2. Chinese Reading - Bird Lifts the Sky (Books): $.99 to FREE
  3. The Frog Borrowed a Drum from the Snake (Books): $.99 to FREE
  4. Xperica HD (NEW Education): FREE
  5. LS9 StageMix (NEW Music): FREE
  6. Love Magazine (NEW Lifestyle): FREE
Universal Apps
  1. Roc Pazzo (Games): $.99 to FREE
  2. Everyday Mathematics Addition Top It (Education): $1.99 to FREE
  3. Everyday Mathematics Divisibility Dash (Education): $1.99 to FREE
  4. Everyday Mathematics Baseball Multiplication (Education): $1.99 to FREE
  5. Everyday Mathematics Equivalent Fractions (Education): $1.99 to FREE
  6. Everyday Mathematics Name that Number (Education): $1.99 to FREE
  7. Everyday Mathematics Monster Squeeze (Education): $1.99 to FREE
  8. Everyday Mathematics Tric Trac (Education): $1.99 to FREE
  9. Everyday Mathematics Beat the Computer (Education): $1.99 to FREE
  10. Everyday Mathematics Subtraction Top It (Education): $1.99 to FREE
  11. Dish Break + (Games): $.99 to FREE
  12. Fast Traffic (NEW Games): FREE
  13. Showyou (NEW Social Networking): FREE (Review)
  14. S&T Skyweek (Education): $.99 to FREE
  15. Men vs. Machines (NEW Games): FREE
  16. Bug Heroes (Games): $1.99 to FREE
  17. Bug Village (NEW Games): FREE
  18. BlankMath (NEW Education): FREE
  19. Animals Word Match (NEW Education): FREE
iPhone Apps
  1. Ultimate Gem (Games): $2.99 to FREE
  2. Ace Super Sniper (Games): $1.99 to FREE
  3. NOM: Billion Year TimeQuest (Games): $.99 to FREE
  4. Mad Squirrel (Games): $.99 to FREE
  5. Barrels! (Games): $.99 to FREE
  6. Basketball Fantasy (Games): $99.99 to FREE
  7. Clamp! (Games): $.99 to FREE
  8. Hockey Manager (Games): $.99 to FREE
  9. Word Sort (Education): $1.99 to FREE
  10. One Single Life (NEW Games): FREE
  11. The Impossible Test: Water (NEW Games): FREE
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